the joy of abstract art


New Dates for 2019 coming Soon!

Come and join me for an afternoon of abstract drawing, painting and collage in my beautiful Garden Studio.
We will explore abstract art using simple yet powerful exercises aimed at loosening-up into a playful, more childlike state of creativity.
Most of us as adults are terrified of making a mistake, doing the «wrong thing», and as a consequence we have stopped making art at all. This workshop aims to open-up a new page, to go beyond the fear and pressure of producing a «good result», to see that we can all make art and that it is an enjoyable, powerful practice. Students will be encouraged to experiment, play and try out new things and to start developing their own artistic language.
No previous experience required, just a willingness to explore and be surprised. Over 18 only.

In this workshop you will:

-Learn exercises you can easily use to start abstract artworks

-Learn to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end result

-Produce some exciting and surprising artworks

-Discover how inspiring art making with others can be

If you have any questions, please email me



"I had identified a need to devote some time to concentrating on my artistic practice. The course proved to be exactly what I wanted and needed. I spent time supported by a group of like-minded yet creatively diverse people in an atmosphere of calm, and with activities led by someone with whom I immediately felt a connection and whose philosophy and approach to the subject gained my immediate respect." Susie

“A time to experiment with how it feels to draw, rather than what comes out as the end product. I didn’t really care what my pictures looked like. It was really relaxing and freeing to do the exercises. It felt quite meditative. I think it was a good lesson to stop thinking about replicating what you see and then judging it, but just let stuff come out.” Rosie