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£18 per person, bring your own materials.

1-4pm, FRIDAY 1st FEBRUARY 2019

Come an join us for an afternoon of delight at the British Museum!

When I was a little girl, I loved to draw in museums, I simply just brought in my sketchbook, my pens, sat down somewhere and off we went! I think that drawing is one of the most exciting things to do, it's intimate, it can be meditative and it is simply fun!

There's such a great pleasure in observing something full of history and beauty, and making it new again on the page. The British Museum is especially inspiring to me, and I will take us on a journey inside the Museum, we will find our spots and draw together going through a set of exercises. We will be mixing-up figurative and abstract drawing.

Each student brings their own materials (I recommend graphite, black pens, coloured pens and pencils, pastels, perhaps some portable wet ones too if you like), as well as a sketchbook.

We meet in the Museum, passed the security checks, in the foyer by the staircase on the left, at 12:45, for a prompt start at 1pm.

We will be visiting the free parts of the Museum, so there's no fee on top of this. There are fold-up stools available from the museum if you need one.