A few thoughts, moments after sketching

Images of dripping,

Dark blue paint.

Like a tahini sauce

In a black sesame seed,

A pod,

A whole world

A whole life.

Let me do the « thing », dear head…

It is not you I want to live from !

Let the thing be the thing,

Let the mistakes become beauty,

Let the mistakes become the journey the marks need

In order to unfold themselves.

Let it be messy, let it be chaos.

I wanna remember why it is that I love to do this.

Bits, blurbs of paint on a piece of paper.


Other states of consciousness, we can access like a meditation.

This is why we make art.

Why do people buy art ?

Because the pieces watches over them, like a talisman.

A piece of art is a new possibility for being.

You can get lost, in an artwork, a reminder that there is another world.